Jason Beware – A Friday the 13th Fan Film

Jason is back like you have never seen him before!!! But you better beware, he’s got a curfew and has to have his snack before bed time. It’s not Friday the 13th, it’s JASON BEWARE!

Starring my own two little crazy kids, this fan film is a short one highlighting the return of the crazed Jason! We shot the film at a local park with just a few on-lookers seeing our gruesome scene. We laughed and played it off like we do this all of the time, which we don’t. LOL! Filmed on an iPhone 8+ and edited using Sony Vegas, with the bloody special effects provided by Mom.

Now, grab a handful of popcorn because this isn’t very long, but it’s definitely intense. Prepare for Jason Beware!

Behind the scenes, it was a hot one when we filmed, but we kept cool with plenty of water and plenty of breaks in the shade. Our next plan is to film Jason Beware 2 over the next few weeks with more actors and actresses! So be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks!!!

Mom also did some amazing photography work and has been editing like a crazy lady to have them ready to post. The full photo set is coming soon!

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Welcome to Earth with Men in Black International!

Sony Pictures has recently released the hit Men in Black International on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital and you can pick up your own copy today! We here at St. Louis Dad love all things aliens and so when Sony Pictures and Budsies reached out to help with a promotion for the upcoming release we could not pass up this awesome opportunity.

Our task was to create our own alien that would fit right into the Men in Black universe and then Budsies would take our drawing and turn it into a reality. Being the excellent delegate of the family I assigned the task of illustrating this creature to my favorite artist, my daughter! With her materials she went to work crafting an alien that represented her, our family, and of course the Men in Black!

In no time our master doodler had an alien worth bringing home to Earth to send over to the wonderful folks at Sony Pictures and Budsies.

Here is Sillie The Alien! Sillie was created by my 8 year old daughter and she said that Sillie is a small, soft, friendly, green alien that floats around the dark side of the Earth’s Moon! Sillie has a big blue and pink heart that is separated by an EKG line that beats to the rhythm of Sillie’s favorite music! With big adorable black eyes Sillie is sure to steal hearts, and when Sillie is happy, big blue circles and hearts appear!

This drawing was submitted to Sony Pictures and Budsies and they immediately got to work on the alien creature! A few weeks later and there was a box on this dad’s doorstep with a very recognizable creature inside… it was Sillie The Alien!!!

Along with a blu-ray copy of Men in Black International was this amazing plush alien provided by Sony Pictures and Budsies. So now not only can we watch the new Men in Black International movie with Sillie at home, but we can watch it on the go with digital as well!

Grab a copy of MIB anywhere you grab your favorite movies and enjoy another amazing installment to the MIB universe!

And if you want your very own alien creature… just head on over to Budsies and get started today! Act now to take advantage of their early bird discount for the holiday season that is quickly approaching!!!

Sony Pictures and Budsie provided this opportunity in exchange for social media postings to promote the new MIB blu-ray release!


The Most Comical, Incredible, Worrying Car Crashes In Movie History

While there’s nothing amusing about car crashes in the real world, if choreographed in an intense, insane manner on the big screen, they do have a certain explosive charm. Of course, in an intense drama, a car crash is a much different affair than a car crash in a movie featuring Jason Statham or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Movie car crashes can be entertaining because they often punctuate a car chase, and thus all the cathartic, intense energy is released through that intense twisting of metal, and often a fiery explosion. We enjoy seeing things on the silver screen, because we know in real life events like that would have a very different subtext.

However, this is all blindingly obvious. Instead of further exploring obvious statements, let us get to the meat of the article. If you’re looking for some high-octane and thrilling viewing pleasure this weekend.

The Matrix Reloaded

Any car crash that happens in the Matrix is relatively worry-free, because we know it as a synthetic world of no real consequence. However, the stakes our much different for Trinity, as she bounds from car roof to car roof whilst flipping off her motorcycle. This scene is of course punctuated by a fight on the top of a semi truck. Another is commandeered by an Agent, the villains of the piece, and is driven headlong in the opposite direction, effectively bring the most bombastic game of ‘chicken’ we’ve ever seen in theatres. As the two trucks collide, a sonic boom explodes, and debris flies everywhere. Certainly one for the movie history books.

Mad Max – Fury Road

Perhaps the most engaging part of Max Max’s bombastic road-terror is that it’s hard to imagine ourselves in that situation. That means the movie can be as insane as it likes without asking an audience to swallow the hardship of seeing themselves in that environment. In this movie, Tom Hardy drives through tornado winds in order to lose the procession of chasing vehicles behind him. The large, monster-truck like vehicles grind and knock into each other with abandon, but as some enter the hurricane level winds, they fly into the air, in a crazy kaleidoscope of churning metal. It’s this image that was perhaps one of the most memorable of 2015.

Die Hard 4

Die Hard isn’t known for its heavy realism either, but it’s perhaps the most believable world in this list (and that’s saying something.) As Bruce Willis attempts to cross the city in search of his goal, and with the entire corrupt police force on him, he decides to drive a police vehicle in the middle of an underground tunnel tolling booth, effectively using the raised barrier metal tracks to launch the vehicle in the air (but not before bailing out,) into the unwelcome reception of a search helicopter. Even the best road accident lawyers such as Gray And White Law might have trouble defending him for that one, but they’d certainly give it a try. It was a bold move, and it seemed to pay off. Thank goodness for our Bruce.

We hope this list has inspired you to watch a range of entertaining movies guilt-free this weekend.

Investing In The Ultimate Family Night In

When did everything get so darned expensive? If it seems like the cost of living is rising at a rate that’s more than commensurate with our rise in pay… that’s because it is. Unfortunately, we live in the age of wage repression. This is where corporations deliberately undermine the wages of their workers in order to protect their profit margins. We toil away and think ourselves lucky that in a capricious economy at least we have a job and a stable income. This approach is great for our employers’ bottom line, but bad for the economy as a whole. As a result of the rising cost of, say, going to the movies, dining at a restaurant, enjoying a quiet drink in a nearby bar or attending the theater has become prohibitive to many working families. With less marginal propensity to consume (i.e. less disposable income to spend on the non-essentials that make life fun and magical), families have to get inventive about how to spend their free time. Thus, the night in has become a common staple for many hard working families.

But that’s not to say that a night in should be accepted as second best or conceded as a defeat. After all, you spend so much time, money and effort making sure that your home is beautiful, why wouldn’t you want to make the most of the time you spend in it? Here we’ll look at some must have investments as well as money saving hacks that will ensure that you and your family have nights in that are so legendary, your friends and neighbors will also want to get in on the act…

Building a sense of occasion

Just because you won’t be going out, doesn’t mean that your family night in isn’t worthy of a sense of occasion. It’s a good idea to start making plans in advance. Set up a facebook group for your family night in. This will help to develop a sense of anticipation but also of exclusivity. If the evening goes well, perhaps you could consider bringing other members of the extended family, friends or neighbors into the group. This is also a good opportunity to democratize the event so that everyone can look forward to it with enthusiasm. Debate and decide what movies you would like to watch together, what foods and drinks you would like to enjoy and decide any ground rules. For example, do you want to have a zero tolerance policy on phones and devices? There’s a fine balance here between creating a sense of occasion and over formalizing the event but if you manage to walk this line, your whole family will look forward to your nights in with eagerness and anticipation.  

To 4K or not to 4K?

The average family in the US spends so much time watching TV that it’s almost a full time job. For decades, families have worried that the presence of television has ruined the art of conversation between families. But in an era of smartphones and tablet this issue is compounded. Thus, it stands to reason that we should increase the quality of TV time while decreasing the frequency. As part of a balanced diet of activities, TV time can be a fun way for families to relax and unwind and share an experience.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new TV for a while now, you will likely be wondering whether it’s worth the jump to the nascent 4K format. Well, the definitive answer is… It depends.

4K offers a visually discernible difference in quality from standard high definition or 1080p. The trouble is that this difference is not always visible from where you may be sitting. Depending on the size of your screen and how close you are to it the difference in quality may be as clear as night and day or it may be barely discernible. This guide is helpful in determining whether your setup is well suited to upgrading to 4K. It also depends on the format of the movie in question and how it has been mastered. If you stream your content through a device like Apple TV the good news is that when you buy a movie, it automatically upgrades to the highest available quality which will be 4K if your setup allows. Just be aware that 4K requires some pretty serious bandwidth to stream. Your existing setup may not be conducive to the 4K experience so it’s worth checking out https://www.optimum.com/ as they offer a range of integrated solutions for broadband internet packages combined with 4K digital streaming subscriptions. Most hardcore cinephiles prefer to buy 4K blu ray discs as these offer superior picture and sounds to their streamed counterparts (although they come with a heftier price tag). It’s also worth noting that some 4K discs may be shot at a resolution that is less than 4K or be scanned from a 2K intermediate. This website is useful in determining if a disk is actually in fact 4K.  

For those who take their movies seriously, however, 4K is the only choice. It offers a greater level of detail and texture that can be visually astonishing and the High Dynamic Range allows for a wider gamut of colors than anything else we’ve ever seen in home video.   

Light up the mood

Never underestimate the importance of lighting in getting the mood just right for recreating the theatrical experience. The right lighting can instill a sense of drama to the proceedings making it feel more like an event than just gathering around the TV as a family. Thus, you should consider retrofitting your TV with ambient backlighting or at least using a bluetooth connected ambient lamp.

Last but not least… Fake out your takeout

No family night in is complete without your favorite food to enjoy with your movie. But instead of spending a fortune on your favorite burger, pizza, or fried chicken joint, replicate the recipes from home using a range of simple ingredients for a taste that is virtually identical to those of your favorite franchises but a little healthier and at a fraction of the cost. Check out some recipes right here.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.