The Home Improvements All Kids Small And Big Want

Home improvements are, in most families, another way to describe what the parents want to change in the house. More often than not, these improvements are designed as a way to maximize the value of your property, while satisfying a need that is closely linked to the adult world. While there is nothing wrong with planning a kitchen extension or a bathroom makeover, it’s crucial to remember one thing: Your kids also have expectations for their home. Naturally, their dream home may be slightly different from yours. They probably don’t care yet about saving on energy bills or using eco-friendly insulation materials. But, it doesn’t mean that you should be ignoring their desires. After all, why couldn’t you give your kids the home they’re dreaming of? Kid-friendly improvements are guaranteed to put a smile on your face too.


Having fun is fun

Admittedly, there is no denying that you need to look after your home and make sure that it is safe and strong. But most of home improvement works are purely designed for aesthetic reasons. Sure getting double-glazing windows is essential to protect your family from the cold, but did you really need a bathroom makeover? The answer is that you wanted a change of decor. And that’s fine, as long as you can add another reason on the list of non-necessary makeovers, namely fun. Improving your home to bring more fun in your family life is actually an essential part of balancing responsibilities and pleasure in life. It’s part of what keeps you strong and productive day after day. So, if you’re wondering about adding an element of fun to your home, the answer is yes!

A playroom to unwind

Every kid needs to play. In fact, adults need to play too, as it part of your social behavior. So, the idea of converting your basement or spare bedroom into a playroom can be a lot more effective than you think. For a start, you can be sure that you’re keeping kids out of the way when you need to work in the house, which is a bonus. But more importantly, you can give your kids a room to relax and make the most of their energy in a positive way. If you have young children, you may want to consider using magnetic chalkboard paint on one wall so that they can draw and stick magnets to it. Older kids would be delighted with a gaming room, and that’s one you can share with them too!


Give your outdoors a sporty feel

Do you have a large flat outdoor area that you just don’t know how to use? It can be tricky to create a garden when your soil is hard and dry, as it is often the case in unmanaged backyards. But have you thought of turning your failed garden into exciting sport courts? You can transform the area into a tennis or basketball court, and plan fun family matches over the weekend.

Let’s all slide to the kitchen

Every child loves a slide. But surprisingly enough, sliding is fun for everyone and at every age. It’s not something you stop enjoying when you grow older. But it’s something you certainly stop doing at the playground because you simply can’t deal with the outraged look on the faces of other parents. But why not take your sweet revenge on social conventions and build a slide, not in your garden, but inside your home? There’s a home in Indonesia that has got an external concrete slide from the top floor to the ground. Carsten Höller, a Swedish architect, has a love for aluminium slides. He’s even installed a slide of over 40m high on the campus of Vitra Magazine in Germany! He’s definitely someone who knows how to have fun!


A thought in suspension

Finally, suspend your belief for an instant and let yourself float inside a net. Suspended nets are the new approach to comfort and fun, inside homes and even offices. Think of these as giant hammock bed that lies underneath the ceiling and above a main room. Perfectly safe, these large hammocks are the perfect spot to read your favorite books, relax at the end of a long day or simply take a short nap. For kids, they offer the possibility to spy on the rest of the family without being in the room – although everybody can see them! There’s a sense of freedom that you can’t find anywhere else … and it only takes a net to discover new meditative horizons!

So, the question that remains for you to answer is: What is your idea of fun improvements?

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.


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The Joy Is In The Journey

Often, when we go out with the kids, we hop in the car and drive wherever we need to go. It’s fast, easy, and hassle-free. It certainly saves you having to worry about the journey, leaving you more time to enjoy your destination.

In truth, though, car rides are pretty dull. It’s likely both you and your kids switch off the moment the engine starts running. Choruses of ‘are we there yet’ ring loud as your kids squirm and squiggle in their seats. It’s hardly an enjoyable experience. So, why not take the time to consider some more family friendly options? In reality, there are many different ways to get around. Some are a lot of fun and could see you enjoying those journeys. Here are a few ideas to get you started.



We all know that cycling is an option and, really, we would like to use it more often. After all, it’s better for the environment and our health. Plus, it allows us to enjoy our lovely surroundings. But, it’s one of those things that few of us ever get around to. So, why not take this chance to go on a few family cycles? If you’re heading somewhere local, a bike ride could be the perfect transportation method. Bear in mind that, to make this safe, you need to teach your kids about cycling on the road. It’s also vital you stock up on some safety gear. Helmets are a must, and hi-vis jackets won’t hurt. But, once you’ve bought all that, there’s no excuse to avoid this anymore. So, hit the road and see how it goes. Before long, you won’t be able to imagine traveling any other way.


Another option worth considering is that of a mini Segway. Unlike their pretty hefty counterparts, these are neat, nippy ways to get around. If you’re unsure, head online and check out a Segway minipro review or two to get the facts. If it sounds like a mode of transport which could work for you, don’t hesitate to give it a go. If physicality isn’t your thing, this could be the best bet. It certainly doesn’t need as much effort on your part as cycling. Where your kids are involved, it is worth taking this slow. Let them practice in a safe environment before going anywhere. And, again, make sure to stock up on safety gear beforehand.
Public transport


The idea of hopping on a bus or train may not seem like fun to you but bear with us. If your kids aren’t used to public transport, this could be a real adventure for them. And, you should already know how contagious a child’s excitement can be. On top of which, this is a chance to teach your children a valuable lesson. After all, there’s sure to come a time when they need to make use of these services. If you talk them through the process, they’ll remember those trips with you later down the line.

This post as a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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How to Arrange the Perfect Winter Road Trip On a Budget

In the winter, when nights are dark, and it is cold and wet outside, we all want to have some fun outside, but moms and dads are worried about the little ones catching a cold. If you can’t book a family beach vacation, or a spa treatment with your loved ones, the alternative is a road trip. You will be able to spend some quality time together, and explore new places, while staying safe and warm in your car. Below you can find a guide to making the most out of your winter road trip on a budget and enjoying the great outdoors, despite the weather.


Create a Detailed Itinerary

The key to a successful road trip is being prepared, and making sure that you know everything about the road ahead. In the winter, it is important that you pack your jump starter, in case your batteries give up, and check your car before you start off. Pay attention to the condition of your tires, as well as the air pressure, as it can make a difference when you need to break on slippery roads. Pack spare clothes, and check out deals on Nickis moncler jacket kids so everyone stays warm during the outdoor activities. Check the weather and traffic reports, and plan your stops carefully, so everyone can take a break from sitting in the car, and enjoy some of their favorite activities.

Pack Lunch and Have a Picnic

To save money on eating out, you can pack your picnic basket, and get some snacks and drinks. If you visit a historic site or kids’ museum, you are likely to find a picnic area nearby, but if you eat in the cafe, you might spend up to $50 on a decent meal. You can even take some hot drinks and soup with you, and have a great picnic wherever you stop. Kids love doing things differently, so this idea will surely impress them.

Visit National Parks

National parks look different in the winter, and some of them have free parking. Make sure you start off on time, as they can get crowded on the weekends. National parks and reserves usually offer free kids’ activities and themed play areas, where you can let the little ones relax and run around, while you are enjoying a walk or a cup of coffee.

Go to a Farm Shop with a Play Barn


Another cheap idea for your family winter road trip is visiting a local farm with a petting zoo and play barn. Entry tickets are usually cheap, and you can pick up some healthy snacks and fresh produce, while the kids are exploring the barn and making friends with the animals. Check for special activities in the area, and events on the weekend, such as tractor races, miniature trains, and competitions for kids, to break up your day.

Just because the days are shorter and colder in the winter, you should not sit at home with the kids all weekend. Plan your visit to the local kids’ museum, national park, or farm shop, and you can make the most out of the winter sunshine.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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