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Southeastern Rodeo Association presents the 2nd Annual St. Louis Open Black Rodeo

Southeastern Rodeo Association returns to STL, bringing the 2nd Annual St Louis Open Black Rodeo to Chaifetz Arena.  Phenomenal feats of skill will be on display as cowboys and cowgirls will compete for prize money across various competition categories.

800x800 rodeo


Use promo code GDAD for discounted tickets! http://bit.ly/2GfP6R9

The discounted tickets are only $19.50 per ticket!

Cowboys and Cowgirls will be heading to #STL on May 5th for the 2nd Annual STL Open Black Rodeo at Chaifetz Arena!

The Southeastern Rodeo Association Black Rodeo will be in St. Louis at the Chaifetz Arena on May 5th! The Open Black Rodeo’s role is to educate the public on the importance of African-American cowboys’ work in the “Old West”. Professional cowboys and cowgirls will be competing for prize money!

The rodeo showcases professional cowboys and cowgirls in events including bronco riding, steer wrestling, calf roping, barrel racing, team roping and bull riding.

Expect a lot of action at the 2nd Annual St. Louis Open Black Rodeo!

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Dad Cabs! Here’s What To Do With All That Waiting Time

Picking up, dropping off, and waiting for the kids when they go to parties, after-school clubs, track meets, and sports games are an essential and inescapable part of being a father. However, it often means that you are stuck in the car without anything to do. Now, some dads use this time to catch up on their Z’s but if you are looking for a more active an interesting solutions check out my guide below.

Dad blogging

One thing that you can dedicate this time to is updating your blog or catching up on blogs that you love to read. It’s easy to do as well as you need is your smartphone and a 3G or free Wifi connection. Of course, if you are planning to do some more intricate and detailed tasks like photos editing before you display them on your blog, it can be handy to have your laptop or a tablet to work on too.

Something else that can make this super easy is those fancy new automobiles that have wifi hotspots built in! Then you won’t end up eating through all your mobile data, and you can still stay up to date with all your blogging research and writing in time that would otherwise be spent doing not much at all.


Play some games

Of course, some days you will want to use this time to kick back, relax, and have a little fun. One way of doing this that can make the time go super quick is to play games online or on your mobile device.

You might want to try a popular favorite like exploding kittens which is a hilarious online card game that you can get in app form. The aim is to be the last one standing, and the quick gameplay and hilarious sound effects make this simple game pretty addictive.

Mobile gaming consoles are a great way to kill some time.

Alternatively, you might want to play something that is a bit more in-depth. This is where mobile gaming consoles such as the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3ds come in. The fact that these are self-contained gaming systems mean that the quality of content is very high, and as they have built-in controllers it much more like traditional gaming experience on the go.

Popular title for the PS Vita include Killzone: Mercenary, whereas there is a range of quick and fun game for the Nintendo like Mario Kart and the Professor Layton series that can be picked up and put down easily., making them perfect for when you lose track of time or the kids finished their activities early.

There are other gaming entertainment options to consider as well when doing the dad cabs run, including the thrill of playing casino games online. Of course, you have to be aware that some sites require you to play with real money, although that is where the buzz lies for many players.

If you do decide on this option be sure to pick a site like WinnerMillion Casino that offers some fantastic sign-up bonuses to get the most fun you money. Then you can be sure that your money will go as far as possible and get you the maximum amount of fun for whenever you need to kill some time.

Organize those photos

If you are anything like me you have loads of video clips of the kids doing funny stuff, and pictures of key moments like birthdays and days out that are all over the place! That is why another smart way to spend your time when you are waiting for the little ones to finish their activities is to organize your photos collection on your phone.

Using your time in this way is beneficial because by putting your video and pictures into albums you can find them whenever you want. It also means its easier to upload them to the cloud or your computer when you get home so that you can keep them for the long term. Something that will ensure all those precious memories of the kids growing up are not lost when you switch to a new device.

Clean out the car

Lastly, it may not be the most fun option, but if you have kids it’s likely your car might not be as neat and tidy as you would like. With this in mind, why not use the time when you are waiting to give the kids a life home to clear out any rubbish, sort through the glove box and make it a pleasant environment for the family?

If you think ahead, you can even charge up the cordless vacuum and do the seats and floor mats as well. Now that is a smart use of your dad cabs waiting time!

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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Awesome Ideas For Entertaining The Kids That You’ll Also Enjoy

As we’ve all experienced over the last few weeks due to the Easter holidays, children become bored at a second’s notice. The problem with this is that we have to find something for them to do as soon as possible before all hell breaks loose, and more often than not, the activities that are available for them to do aren’t exactly what you’d like to be doing. However, you could be crafty and prepare some activities and toys for the next period of time off with the children that they will enjoy just as much as you do. Here are some awesome ideas for entertaining the kids that you’ll also enjoy.



No one can deny that Lego is one of the most all round fun ways to entertain the children. There’s something magical about sitting on the floor together and creating either one big build together, or separate ones that you can play with afterwards. The great thing about LEGO is that it’s widely available, and there’s no limit on what you can replicate. Perfect for those kids that love Minecraft because it’s a physical version of it (apart from the zombies of course) and it’s an activity that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Flying Drones

There’s something extremely exciting about having a toy that flies and being in control of it. Another perfect example of a toy that everyone in the family can enjoy. The best bit? You can buy cameras that you can attach to them to record it’s journey, or even take some incredible footage of you and the children! QuadcopterCloud offer a wide range of flying drones, and the option to buy a camera with it too. An even bigger bonus is that you can fly it once the kids are in bed and have some fun with it yourself!


Kids love getting their hands dirty, and they love being able to help you with things around the garden. So why not take this opportunity to do some gardening and get the children involved? Plant some flower beds together, dig up some soil and water the plants for an easy and cheap way of entertaining the kids. You could even use the chance to teach them about plants and the way things grow by creating a vegetable patch together. Get them to pick out their favourite fruit or vegetable and grow it with them in the garden! An educational and continuing entertainment source that you can enjoy too!


Children love activities that they wouldn’t normally be doing, so the idea and actual activity of going swimming with you will be a great way to keep them entertained for a few hours (and also wear off some of that pent up energy). It’s a family friendly activity that allows everyone involved to get some much needed exercise and enjoy some quality time together as a family!


This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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Outdo Yourself This Easter Holiday With Ease

So Easter is just around the corner, and the kids are nagging at you because they want to do something really fun this year (even though you ensure they have fun every year!). You’re under pressure to make sure that your kids have the best possible time, and what you do will define the experience they have. But there comes a time where you run out of ideas and you don’t know what there is left to do for them that hasn’t already been done before. Having said that, it’s not impossible, you just need to get creative.


Here are some of the best ideas.

Live show

Whether it be in the theatre watching a play, of your child’s favourite musician playing in concert, have a look what’s on offer in your area. There are plenty of sites that display all the things that are coming up, so have a browse and then purchase some concert tickets and surprise them with a fun evening out. You can make a whole day of it by getting dressed up, grabbing something nice to eat, and then finally spilling the beans on where you’re taking them.

Bunny race

Get out your old pillowcases and give your child one each. The aim of the game is for them to get from A to B first. You can make this more difficult by making a course for them to follow with various obstacles in the way that they’ll need to jump over or climb under. You could even get stuck in with the fun and jump into one of those cases yourself. They are many other games that you can do that are Easter inspired, the same as an egg and spoon race.

Throw a party

If you have a relatively spacious home or garden, then ask your children to invite their favourite friends over for Easter and celebrate in style. All you need is a little bit of music and some snacks and the kids will be happy. You could even hide easter eggs around the house and garden and hold a scavenger hunt. Make sure the easter eggs are only small though so you don’t find children fighting over huge amounts of chocolate. You can even make little party bags to send home with the kids.

Have a picnic

Sometimes it can be as easy as taking your kids out of the house and having a picnic in your local park. It’s simple, but fun. You can prepare sandwiches and potato salad the night before so everything is ready the next day. Then just bring a ball with you down to the park and have a fun kick around in the sun. If you have access to water like a lake, go down there and have a go at fishing. Make a barbeque and invite your friends to come along with their own kids. The more the merrier.

Don’t think you always need to spend a lot of money in order to do things that are exciting, because sometimes, just being with one another is enough.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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