Gadgets And Gizmos For Your Christmas List

Christmas is almost here once again and for many of us this year it feels like the last time life was normal was Christmas last year! 

If you are looking to start planning for your family Christmas early this year, you have likely already looked at some gadgets and gizmos to buy for yourself and your loved ones. Today we want to share some of the fun items you can buy for the family as a whole and as gifts for your children and partner. There are so many fun pieces of technology out there and today we are going to take a look at some of the things you could invest in this Christmas. 

A New TV 

Rather than buying some smaller gadgets for different members of your family it might be a better idea for but something that everyone can benefit from. A TV is a staple in any modern home and you should invest in one which has great resolution, a big screen, and will last for years to come. Buying the family a new TV for Christmas might not seem like the most exciting of things but you’ll be able to watch all of your festive favourites on a huge screen this winter! 

A PS5 

The PS5 is the newest of Sony’s Playstations to arrive on the market and already there are some amazing games available for it. From Assassins Creed Valhalla to FIFA 21 and a revamped GTA V – there are tons of games available on this console to keep everyone in the family occupied for hours and hours. This could be a great gift for your child this festive season or even as a treat for yourself after a tough year. 

A Tablet 

Every man and his dog has a tablet these days, and these small gadgets have become a useful addition to your technological arsenal at home. There are plenty of brilliant tablets under 200 if you don’t want to fork out on an iPad and you’ll have hours of fun watching films and tv, playing games, and even doing work all in one place. Tablets are a useful tool and can be a great gift to give someone you care about this Christmas. 

Phillips Hue light strips 

If you are looking for something which will add an air of magic and wonder to your living room setup – Phillips hue lights are the way to go. You can opt to buy bulbs for your lights and lamps which will turn on and off at the tap of an app – or perhaps you want to use a light strip to enhance your cinema experience. Phillips hue light strips can be fitted to the top of your tv, and they will be able to read and translate what is on the screen and emit light of the same colour as you watch. It will make all of those superhero flicks even more impressive and immerse you in their world. 

An Instant Pot 

An instant pot is the perfect gift for the cook in your life and it offers many functions in one small device. From slow cooking to sauté and rice cooking, it’s the ideal one pit gadget for anyone who loves to cook! 

Patching the Holes 7 Common Home Security Weaknesses

Patching the Holes: 7 Common Home Security Weaknesses

A home is more than just a place where we lay our heads at night. A home is our castle, a place where we feel safe and secure, our loved ones and possessions free from the threats that some outsiders present.

To ensure safety for a home and everything inside, there needs to be attention paid to security. The security required can be as simple as a change in mindset or as elaborate as a new set of locks now at Action Lock Doc. This article will provide the specifics to make your castle safer than it ever was.

Greater Awareness

Making your home safer doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money. Instead, all it takes is a greater awareness of what makes a home secure. It’s a matter of realizing that it is a matter of “better safe than sorry.” That’s a good philosophy when it comes to home safety. A homeowner should be constantly aware of all potential weaknesses in the security of their premises.

Opting for Cheap

When it comes to home security, there’s no reason for spending more money than is needed. On the other hand, a homeowner should not buy products just because they are less expensive. Being serious about the safety of your home means purchasing the right products for the correct uses. This often means buying name brands that you trust.

Skimping on Installation

Even when they buy good products, many homeowners try to save money by installing them themselves. This is another grave mistake that can jeopardize safety. Unless you are handy with tools and know something about how products are installed correctly, let a professional handle it. A qualified professional knows how to install a product in a manner that maximizes its potential for security. This means things like not allowing hinges to show, which can be an invitation to disaster.

Not Investing in Smart Security

This is an age in which all things security can be amazingly complex. The gadgets that have been made available to help make homes secure have made homes much more secure than in years past. Products such as video doorbells, smart cameras, smoke and motion detectors allow us to have safer homes and allow us to monitor our homes from almost anywhere. In the event of an unauthorized entry, police or fire can be notified with little or no action from the homeowner.

Lax Maintenance

Even the best home security systems can fall victim to the ravages of time and poor maintenance. It doesn’t matter whether you have an analog system or a smart system. Periodic maintenance must be performed to ensure that it is operating optimally. In most cases, good maintenance is usually nothing more than tests or routine cleaning from time to time.

Choosing Not to Upgrade

When security systems get old, not only do they become less reliable, but thieves learn how best to breach them. Otherwise, new systems are the most effective way to foil a thief since they are probably unfamiliar with it. By upgrading a security system, a homeowner sets the bad guys back and makes their systems even stronger.

A homeowner should always be vigilant for their home’s security, it’s strengths as well as its weaknesses. Good security of a home might be more expensive than the alternative, but what price is your home and family’s safety and security worth?

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

Cyber Security Games!

Sometimes playing a fun game can be the best educational experience you can find. This is why people from all over the world have created a variety of games that you can play to enhance your cyber security knowledge. Check out this small list of games and see if you can become a cyber security master!

Targeted Attack: The Game   

Become the CIO of Fugle Inc. to determine what to do to protect sensitive company information in light of potential security issues. You’ll start with a video intro and then launch into the game with your chosen strategy defining the path it takes. Spend your budget coins wisely as you take on this challenge!

Cybersecurity Lab

As the CTO of a start-up social networking company (options include the cleverly named Einstagram, SnapCat, WattsAmp, and Phasebook), you’ll be in charge of cybersecurity during increasingly sophisticated attacks. Bolster your defenses to fend off foes in varying challenges that involve password and code cracking, and more.

Game of Threats

PwC’s Game of Threats simulates a cyber-attack to help executives understand the key decisions that need to be made in short order. You can participate both as an attacker and as a defender as precious seconds tick by and your company’s valuable information assets are on the line.

Hot Spot

Time is running out and in this simulation of habitual violations in a work environment the user is challenged to identify and eliminate them before time runs out. The game is a simplified simulation of an office with several security oversights scattered around the environment. Discover them if you are capable and see if you are prepared to change the habits that allow the avenge of insecurity in the company

Security Feud

Security Feud is a Free, interactive Family Feud Style Game(PPT). Seven rounds. Easy to schedule, recurring fun game. Do you ever feel like large-scale security awareness solutions are a little unwieldy?! Cue Security Feud: a brand-new, FREE resource for those looking to dip their toes into security awareness gamification! Security Feud is a fun, manageable step toward immersive learning, available now for October Cyber Security month. We crowdsourced 19 cyber security-themed questions to create this awesome resource just for you!

Craft a Phish

Do you want to know your level of knowledge about common phishing traps on the internet? So you have to click on this quiz game from Living Security about phishing with real screens of current ongoing threats on the internet that often deceive us about what is real and what is someone trying to breach your security.

Cyber Security Posters

There is so much information out there in regards to cyber security. Sometimes the best information is the simplest. These posters are some of my favorite ways to remind kids and adults about the importance of cyber security.

You will need to click each poster to view it in it’s entirety! I grabbed most of these from Google Images so if you want to print them you don’t need my permission.

Do you have a cool or interesting poster to add to the gallery? Drop it in a comment below!