How To Keep Your Kids Entertained While Doing A Million Other Things At Once

Being a parent means your life is pretty much full of multitasking. There will rarely be a moment where you only have one thing to do at once. Mostly, you have a million things going on at the same time, and you’re like one of those street performers trying to keep the plates spinning at the same time.


Normally, entertaining your kids is a constant on your list of things to do. But, how can you do this when you simply have more pressing matters to tend to? The solution is to look for ways in which your kids can stay entertained without you needing to constantly watch over and supervise them. In this piece, I’ve listed a few of my favorite ideas to do this.

Put Netflix On The TV

Normally, I’m not an advocate of sticking your child in front of a screen and letting it entertain them for you. However, there comes a time where you simply don’t have the time to provide personal entertainment. In times like these, Netflix is your best friend. It’s like your virtual nanny, it will help keep your kids entertained for a good hour or so while you do what you need to do. Don’t let them watch it for too long, I personally think this is a great option when you’re making dinner for 30-45 minutes.

Get Them A Playhouse

A playhouse is a really fun toy that your children can pretty much play with by themselves. They’ll lose themselves in their imagination as they play with this toy house, pretending it’s their own. Normally, these are reserved for outdoor fun. However, the best kids’ playhouse can be used indoors as well as out. So, even when it’s rainy, your children can still play with it while you work, cook, clean, or just do whatever you need to do in peace.


Buy A Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to keep children occupied without the need for constant supervision. A jigsaw puzzle can be placed on a table, and your child is free to try and solve it as they please. This is one of the best ways of occupying a child for well over an hour. They get caught up in trying to put all the pieces together and completely zone out from the world. If you work from home and have a lot to do, then this is a great idea for you.

Let Them Use Your Tablet

Again, I said it earlier, I don’t suggest you always stick a screen in front of your children!! But, your tablet is a great entertainment device for your kids. They can watch videos, play games, but also learn at the same time. My advice is to download educational games and apps that they can pass the time on while you’re busy. They stay entertained, they learn, and you get a little bit of peace and quiet.


Being a good dad is all about managing your time well! If you can keep your kids entertained while also doing loads of other tasks, then you’re doing a pretty great job!

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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The Tech That Is Making Car Driving Safer Than Ever Before

The driving of cars, especially when done with the kids in tow, needs to be safe. Simply, cars need to be safe to handle and they need to be kept safely away from all the dangers that the road throws up at them, whether these be other vehicles or faults of nature. And, there is a host of differs pieces of technology that are helping to make car driving safe in this manner. To see just a few pieces of this tech, make sure to read on.


Adaptive cruise control

Finding and then maintaining a safe driving speed is vital for drivers, and these days their cars can help them do this with ease. Yes, cars can help in the finding of a good and safe cruising limit through the adaptive cruise control technology that is now built into them. What such technology offers those drivers who own cars with this technology built into them is the chance for them to find a driving speed that is safe for them in regards to the road that they are using. Plus, this technology goes even further still as it also adapts to the demands of the road by sensing things around the car, such as traffic, so is also able to calculate a safe speed in regards to that as well.

Lane keep assist

Another piece of technology that uses sensors to create a safe driving experience is lane keep assist. What this particular piece of technology does, well, is pretty obvious after you’ve read it’s name, it keeps you in lane. And, despite sounding like a pretty easy thing to do already even without technology, it’s seriously not. It’s seriously not because any number of things can make a driver deviate from one lane to another, whether it be a distraction or whether it be them falling asleep at the wheel (if that were to ever be the case, the driver should pull into the next service station, grab a coffee, and wait for the boost of energy to kick in). What LKA does specifically is react to the car moving into a lane it shouldn’t be in, notifying the driver straight away should that be the case.

Backup cameras

Another piece of sensory tech that is helping to change the safety of the driving, or in this case the parking, of cars is backup camera technology, such as that offered by vdashcam. What such technology does is alert the driver to anything that is behind their car on in their blindspot thanks to strategically placed cameras around the car and video technology that these cameras feed a feed to. So, no longer would you have to worry about the neighbors cat every time you pull off your drive to go to work of a morning!

Driving needs to be safe, and that is why it is only ever a good thing when another piece of tech makes it that little bit safer. So, embrace this tech, and any more of it that may come in the future!

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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Beautiful Kids on Canvas

Canvas Factory reached out and offered to send me a canvas with my two beautiful kids printed on it in exchange for a review and a giveaway. So be sure to stay tuned for the Canvas Factory giveaway, USA and Canada residents only.

The canvas I received from Canvas Factory is very high quality and looks amazing on our wall. The kids don’t look too bad either. What I really liked about this canvas print is how easy it was to get. You just go to the website, upload your photo, make some adjustments if you want. They even have different filters for your pictures so you can make something color into a black and white photo or sepia, or whatever!

Having photos of our family up on the walls reminds us about the important things that bring us all together. In the photo we had printed, we chose our children. They are the world to us and seeing their love for each other is exactly what we need on our walls to see everyday. Being able to take a simple photo and then uploading it to the internet so I can get a beautiful canvas print in just a few days is amazing. I remember when it would take weeks or months to have something like this done. Now in just a few clicks it can happen almost instantly.

I love our new canvas print. The quality is perfect and it just makes me smile every time I see. I can imagine that I will be picking up a few more of these canvas prints from Canvas Factory once that refund check comes in.


To win your own 16×20” / 40x50cm canvas print from Canvas Factory you have to like St. Louis Dad on Facebook and comment on this blog post below and tell me what kind of photo you would print at Canvas Factory. I will randomly select a winner on Friday, February 23rd. So be sure to use a valid email address so I can contact you! If the winner does not contact me in 24 hours I will select a new winner. Giveaway only available to U.S. and Canadian residents. No purchase necessary, like and comment to win!


This post and giveaway is sponsored by Canvas Factory.

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Hands-free Baby Entertainment for Busy Days

Babies need near-constant supervision to ensure they don’t get hurt. However, that doesn’t mean they need constant attention. If you never put your baby down or spend all your time entertaining them personally, you won’t ever get anything else done. Sometimes, you need to leave them to their own devices so they can explore the world and you can tidy up, get some work done, cook dinner, or have a shower. If you need to entertain or soothe your baby for a while, but you want both hands free, you can use a range of techniques to keep them busy.


Toys and Entertainment on the Floor

Put your baby down on the floor is one of the easiest things you can do, especially if they haven’t started moving yet. If they haven’t learned to roll over yet, they will mostly stay put, apart from a bit of wriggling. A baby activity mat is ideal, giving your baby somewhere comfortable to lie and lots of fun things to look at and touch. Even if your baby has started moving, they can still have lots of fun sitting on the floor or traveling around, as long as you’re watching them. The right toys can keep them entertained while you’re busy with other things, and you can keep them in the same room as you so that you can check on them.

Soothing Your Baby Hands-free

Sometimes you baby needs soothing or entertaining, but you have things to do. Maybe it’s time for a nap, but the baby is taking a long time to fall asleep. One of the options you might choose is to use a rocker, bouncer or infant seat. These seats will rock or bounce your baby (or can just hold them), so they can have fun or feel soothed without you having to hold them. If you want something that combines these options, check out the review of the mamaRoo at The product has a range of settings, including one that simulates going on a car ride, which is ideal for babies who sleep best in the car. You can even connect it to a Bluetooth device so that you can control it from anywhere.

Wear Your Baby

Some babies just don’t want to be put down. It’s hard to deny your baby when they want some comfort, and sometimes you need to walk around the house and don’t want to leave them alone. If you want to have both hands free and carry your baby at the same time, baby wearing is the best option. A carrier, sling or wrap allows you to have your baby with you, while you get on with other things. There are different types that offer various benefits, and some might feel more comfortable than others. Before buying one, see if you can try some out to find which one’s right for you.


Kitchen Fun While You’re Cooking

If you’re making a meal while you’re entertaining the baby, there are lots of things slightly older babies, in particular, can have fun with. If they are already eating solid foods or you’re in the process of weaning them, they can sit in their high chair and explore some different foods. Baby-led weaning encourages babies to pick up food for themselves and experiment with textures and tastes. If it’s not time to eat, pots and pans are fun to bang on with spoons or other utensils. A few toys on the tray is a good idea too, especially if you don’t want the noise of your baby getting musical.

Get a Walker

If your baby is starting to travel around, a walker is a great way for him or her to move safely. They can get around without bumping into anything (or, at least, with a barrier to protect them) and they won’t fall over. You could set your baby up in their walker while you’re busy doing something in one room or let them follow you around if you’re going from room to room. Instead of a walker, you might also consider a doorway bouncer, which can be a lot of fun if you stay in the room with your baby. They can use these from around four months, when they can hold their head up on their own.

Set Up a Playpen

If you want to put your baby down on the floor but you don’t want them to get far, a playpen could be a good idea. It keeps your baby within a defined area that you can make sure is safe, so that they can have fun and you don’t have to worry too much about them suddenly climbing something or finding an object to put in their mouth. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can leave them entirely alone. If you’re worried about confining your infant too much, you can use baby gates instead, which you can put in doorways and at the top and bottom of staircases.

Screen Time

Time in front of a screen might be a controversial way to entertain your baby, but many parents agree that it’s one of the best ways to capture their attention. Moving shapes and sounds from a TV can be endlessly fascinating. If you’re worried about too much passive television time, you might also consider an infant tablet, which gives them an interactive toy to play with instead. You don’t have to ban screens completely. Instead, you can limit the amount of time you put your baby in front of one. For some advice on baby screen time check out

Get Baby to Join In

Your toddler can even help you do things if you want to keep them entertained. If you have chores around the house to do, you can get little ones to join in. Give them a cloth to dust a table or ask them to help you pick things up. It doesn’t matter if they do a good job. Just let them copy you and feel like they’re helping.

There’s no need to sit and entertain your baby all day. With the right techniques, you can still get on with other things around the house.

This post is a collaborative effort by St. Louis Dad.

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