How Healthy Is Your Relationship With Your Phone?

Your smartphone is a miracle. It allows you to answer any question and settle any heated barroom debate in seconds. It allows you to turn a tedious commute into productive working time. It is your gateway to hundreds of hours of awesome online content (much of it free) so that you need never be bored or lonely again. You can even make phone calls on it (as alien a notion as that may seem to many these days, especially our kids). Yet, while we’re constantly told that we should be vigilant when keeping tabs on our kids’ use of technology, we so often neglect our own relationships with our phones. And that can be a problem. Developing young minds aren’t the only ones that can be warped by spending too much time on their phones. In fact, even the oldest and wisest of us can find ourselves getting into bad habits where our phones are concerned. 

Here are some questions all Dads should ask themselves to ensure that they have a healthy relationship with their phones. 

Are you guilty of phubbing?

Phone snubbing or “phubbing” is something that we’re very keen to clamp down on when we catch our kids doing it. But when we catch ourselves falling into the same bad habit, we need to shut it down even faster. If our kids catch us engrossed in our phones at the dinner table or in another inappropriate context, they’ll see it as a tacit sign that it’s okay, no matter what you say out loud. And this can increase their dependence on their devices and impede social development. 

How long are you spending on your phone?

Be honest now. How much time do you spend on your phone every day? Less than 5 hours? 10 hours? 15 hours? Believe it or not, the amount of time we spend on our phones isn’t that dissimilar between baby boomers, gen x, millennials and gen z with each spending around 4-6 hours a day on their phones. Still, there are many who would say that more than one or two is too many. It’s certainly worth tracking how much time you spend on your phone from one week to the next.

Do your amusements become addictions?

Our smartphones are our gateway to a treasure trove of fun games. Whether you’re playing games just for the fun of it, reconnecting with childhood classics ported over from your mobile device or even trying to make a little money through online games and casinos- take a look at this LeoVegas casino review for an example, there are all kinds of ways in which we can wile away the hours with games. But we need to be vigilant. These amusements and distractions can become addictions if we’re not careful. We need to exercise restraint and self-discipline so that they don’t impact our productivity at home and at work. 

How are you sleeping?

Finally… like tablets, laptops and TVs, smartphones emit blue light which can disrupt the brain’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin which in turn can lead to insomnia. If you’re having trouble drifting off at night, it may be a sign that you’re spending too much time with your face in a screen!

Dads, Here’s a Christmas Tip

If your wife is anything like my wife, she spends an awful lot of time looking at cute photos on social media. And deep down, she wants to take cute photos just like the ones she sees. So this year, even though you may not want to, here’s a little Christmas tip. Buy some matching pj’s.

Looking through Lazy One’s website you will actually find some pretty cool pajamas. They all look comfy, and after the year we have had, I think you and your family deserves some comfort. Picking up some family matching Christmas pajamas is as easy as selecting a set and making the purchase. Kids love pj’s already, so that’s an easy win for you there, and Mom will be thrilled to finally get the cutest holiday greeting card this year, plus you will win lots of points since you had the idea. You don’t have to tell her you got it from me.

Placing your order now also gives you plenty of time to beat the holiday rush. The rush to get the right sizes, styles, and more. You’ll even have plenty of time to get the perfect photo for your holiday card! Before we know it, Christmas will be here and we will be wrapping presents under the tree, and it is pretty cute to see your family all cozy in their family pajamas. Plus your wife will love the Instagram moments she’ll be able to capture!

So use this Christmas tip wisely and don’t delay in picking up some cute family matching pajamas from Lazy One. They have some awesome styles, patterns, not only for Christmas but almost every holiday! Check them out and give the gift the will keep on giving with warmth, love, and a fashionable family!

Flat Tires? No Problem

Every dad needs a garage filled with tools. Without those tools you would probably need a handy-man to get things done. A garage full of tools allows a dad to connect with his children as well. You can show them how to fix things, have them help with various projects, and best of all you can keep their bikes, balls, and other inflatable items filled with air.

Air compressors have been very handy in this St. Louis Dad’s garage. Having an automotive air compressor has been a life saver in more ways than just filling up the air in our car tires. During the long winter months tires on the kids bikes go flat and who really wants to take the bike up to the gas station, find a couple quarters and fill them up with air when you can do it right from your own garage. I’ve learned this the hard way, and because of that I got myself an air compressor. So not only can my car tires be filled at the proper level, so can my kids bike tires.

Inflating a basketball, soccer, or football is also a good use for an air compressor. There have been many times where we find our basketball is just bouncing a little more flatter than usual. So we will get out the compressor, plug it in, and get that ball bouncing like it should be.

Riding bikes, playing basketball, soccer, or football is a staple of being a kid, and having dad help getting those items ready for play is the perfect reason to keep one of these bad boys in the garage. Your neighbor may appreciate it too!

So, before the winter hits, and you have to check your tire pressure at the local gas station, why not just invest in a shop air compressor from Best Buy Auto Equipment and make your life just a little bit more easier. It’s a lot more handier than you realize!

Three Key Ways Tech Can Save You Money

Pixabay (CC0 Licence)

The influence of tech on the modern world is something that is often decried as a negative – from the (often fair) criticism of social media to the complicated argument over “fake news”. There is, additionally, no shortage of people who believe that technology has broken down the links between people and damaged our social structures, though there are plenty who would argue to the contrary.

While we could go back and forth over issues such as the above, it is worth looking at the ways in which technology can bring a net benefit to us all, including the ability to make money online. For another thing, any of us who happens to be living on a budget will be delighted to take advantage of the many ways in which being “connected” can save you money both in the long and the short term. Below, we’ll look at a few examples of how this can work for you.

Getting smart around the home

Adding smart tech to your home may seem like a weird way to save money – after all, couldn’t you save by not buying tech? And we should be clear in agreeing that not every “money saving” purchase will save you money. However, investing in a smart hub for your home, and adding smart lightbulbs and perhaps a thermostat, can ensure that you’re only using energy and fuel that absolutely needs to be used. There is an initial outlay to be considered, but if you add what you can, when you can, it will represent a long-term saving.

Using apps and extensions for your shopping

Comparison shopping isn’t everyone’s idea of fun; it’s easy to wonder whether paying 13 cents less for a bottle of water is really going to swell your funds to any appreciable degree. However, saving on your purchases has become easier thanks to a range of apps and extensions you can add on your phone and laptop. Apps like the Huawei Member Center can get you the best deals on purchases. Browser extensions including Honey, meanwhile, can search the web for voucher codes that deliver big savings on anything you buy.

Saving on the little luxuries

While there are decent offers to be found on takeout delivery using technology – and these should definitely be explored for when you’re in a hurry – you can push the envelope a little further by making those little treats at home. A slow cooker will allow you to easily cook a range of tasty cuisines that easily match takeout standard, while a coffee machine can negate the need to visit a chain outlet to enjoy quality joe. Pick up a milk frother and a few syrups (which are increasingly available sugar-free) and you can even ape the fancy creations that would usually leave you little change from $10 – for a fraction of the cost.

There are plenty of other ways that technology can offer you savings, and it’s worth looking around for ways to cut costs; you’d be amazed how often people are missing out on the opportunity to save cash.