Millennial Problems for a 33 Year Old



Today is my birthday and depending on who you’re asking, my age range fits into the millennial category. I feel like I fit closer in the Gen X category but whatever. This year I turn 33 years old and I can feel it. No more are the days where I am limber and have cat like reflexes. These days you can find my reflexes are much more comfortable in the speed reduction zone. My knees creak and it doesn’t take much to put my back out of commission. Maybe I’m just unhealthy or maybe it’s just old age. Whatever it is, it sucks.

So I’m getting older and as time marches on I am minimizing my life. I have already cleared up a lot of wall and shelf space in my office. I have since taken down a lot of my older toys and nick-nacks and have stored them away. My office looks a lot cleaner now because of it but there’s still a lot of work to do. I still have my comic collection but even that is getting the minimal setup. I have reduced the amount of comics that I collect significantly. I have finished off stories and ended their run in appropriate fashion but no longer continued with several series. It’s just something that comes with age I suppose.

80s-STLDAD-AbbyWhat’s weird about getting older is that when I take a trip back to nostalgiaville I’m not getting as sucked back into whatever it is as much as I have in the past. Making that switch was much needed but I’m surprised that it came so natural. There are times when nostalgia still hits hard and I start pining for whatever it is. Currently, I have been watching a lot of old Bone Brigade videos and other skate videos. I’d love to get back into skating. It’s been a long time since I have done an ollie. Who knows if I can even get up in the air but I really want to try. The winter weather is doing an excellent job of holding me back because there’s no way I want to go out in the cold. So we’ll see if by spring time if I am still itching to skate. If so then maybe I will give it a go. Until then I will just keep watching Powell Peralta videos.

It’s getting dark earlier and earlier and Christmas is just around the corner. After that we end the year and start another. So many say that 2016 was a pretty bad year. While I think there were plenty of moments that just sucked, it couldn’t have been that horrible. You’re still here right? If anything, I am excited for 2017. It will be a great year. I hope to do more interesting things with the blog, write more about the family, and maybe review some more interesting products. I promised Abby that we will start season 2 of Abby Doodles TV so expect that sometime next year as well. We want to go a little bigger than season 1. So we will see how that goes.


The First Step On A Musical Journey

IMG_7378My kids love to make noise. Most of the time it is hootin’ and hollarin’ about toys or games. They hollar at each other, at me and mom and at themselves. If you’re reading this, then you probably have kids and already know what I’m talking about. I figured if they need to let the air escape their lungs in a large fashion why not give them something that makes a more pleasant noise. Enter the pBuzz. The pBuzz is a new musical instrument created by the Warwick Music Group. They are the ones behind the pBone and pTrumpet, that have already been available in the US.

I was sent a pBuzz to check out and review with my kids. The instrument is actually really great. We have an orange recorder that my kids will just blow through-out the house. It’s nice but the pBuzz is much nicer to the ears. It’s easier for them to play and it is light enough that they are not struggling to carry around the house. With the device being so easy for my kids to play, it’s bright colors, and just the idea of introducing musical instruments to them, you can see why the pBuzz is an excellent educational resource winning the gold at the 2016 Primary Teacher Awards.


So far the kids haven’t written any chart topping hits using the pBuzz but they definitely have found an instrument that blows the competition away. I am happy to say that at a good price point the pBuzz, pBone, and pTrumpet are all great purchases and are a great way to introduce your children to brass instruments. Horns are always going to be an integral part of any musician’s repertoire and getting the kids started early will definitely get them interested in musical instruments. It may not end with a brass or woodwind, it may be the drums, but at least the pBuzz is a great start.

IMG_7361Admittedly, when I got the pBuzz out of the package and put on the mouth piece I tried it out myself before handing over to the kids. I couldn’t get it to work. I blew into the horn and nothing. Alex told me it was his turn so I handed it over and he put his mouth up to it, blew, and voila, there was sound. Kids have a knack for figuring things out faster than us adults. I thought I was pretty smart, but today my son out smarted me.

Priced just $29.95, pBuzz is available from Amazon.  For more information, visit

WMG provided St. Louis Dad with this product in exchange for an honest review. Check out WMG’s pBuzz for more information and be sure to follow them on social media for even more awesomeness!

Children’s Books – I Once Ate A Meatball As Big As My Head


Over the last few years I have worked on the side as an illustrator for children’s books. I have illustrated over 30 books so far with the majority of them being available on Amazon. One of these books was “I Once Ate a Meatball As Big As My Head”. Written by Sherry Vollmer and illustrated by me. I illustrated this story back in March and it has finally made its way onto Amazon’s store. The book can be purchased for the Kindle or other e-readers.

Sherry is also from the St. Louis area which I think is a pretty cool thing. You can check out her website and you can also follow her on Twitter. The story we created is a fun and fantastic story about a boy who dreams of an amazing adventure that includes a plethora of various meat! It is a delicious read, ready to make your mouth water for meatballs.

Amazon’s Description:
After eating an enormous meatball, a young boy falls asleep and finds himself on a twisted adventure while dreaming about meat. What he experiences, helps him make a sensible life decision.

Does this sound like something you might enjoy with your kids? Pick up a copy today!


Making Snowflakes and Singing Christmas Songs

IMG_7190Sometimes we try to pack as many things into one weekend as we can just so we prove how we are super parents. Not exactly, but sometimes that’s how it feels. This weekend was no different. We had a packed schedule and did not have any time to mess around. Friday and Sunday nights were probably the easiest of the bunch. We didn’t have much to do then but we were still busy. To kick off the weekend after work I went over to my brother’s house and got my brakes changed in my car. It didn’t take as long as other repairs so once we had that finished I headed off to grab some dinner and ice cream with my niece. I had not realized that the elementary’s Christmas concert had just finished and families were piling into the local Dairy Queen for a nice treat.

We waited for 20 minutes for our food. It was still delicious but 20 minutes was a long wait. Once we finally got out of there we headed home to play for a bit before it was time to go to bed because Saturday was a busiest day and we needed plenty of rest. I turned on Disney’s The Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey and all of the kids were out before Scrooge was visited by the ghost of Christmas past. I myself was dozing off so it was about time for me to go to sleep as well.

IMG_7169The next morning was busy. We all had to get ready to head downtown to the St. Louis Marriott Grand for the #DoYouWannaBuildaSnowflake event for the Children’s Miracle Network. The event was a lot of fun and the kids made a bunch of snowflakes. Anna and Elsa even stopped by and sat with the kids while they worked on there snowflakes. After making several designs Anna and Elsa got all of the children rounded up and played a few games with them. There were also snacks, music, and hot chocolate! You can stop by the Marriott Grand all through-out December to see all of the snowflakes that were made and even take a few minutes to make one of your own.

After making our snowflakes we headed back towards home but instead of getting back inside of our warm house we had to go to my daughter’s kindergarten Christmas concert. She had been practicing her songs for a few weeks now and was ready for her show.

I was a little worried about Abby IMG_7220getting up there with her class and singing in front of a large crowd of people, but she managed and did a fantastic job. We got some pictures and some video from her performance and our family was just so proud of that little girl. We almost had the entire crew there and seeing Abby’s smile up on stage was worth the busy day.

We kept our evening fairly light. Picked up some dinner for ourselves and the kids and spent the rest of the evening working on some projects and watching Christmas movies with the kids. Sunday morning was busy for me. I had a support call to go out on. I decided to take my son with me and we went out and were able to finish within an hours time. We stopped for some lunch and then headed back home. It was one of those weekends that you second guess yourself as to why you planned everything for a single day but after it’s over you look back and are happy you did it all anyway.