13 Nights of Halloween – The Addams Family Marathon

addams-familyAfter last night’s Monster Squad movie I think we need to switch it up just a little. Monster Squad actually scared Abby a little. She thought the Gill Man was terrifying. So tonight we are switching it up to a little more of a comedic tone of movie, The Addams Family. But what is one without the other? Both Addams Family movies are excellent. Which is why tonight we will be watching them back to back, marathon style. I’m not sure how well the kids will take to watching TWO movies in one night but I know me and mom won’t mind. We love both of these classics and always make sure they get a viewing at least once a year.

Growing up as a little kid I would confuse myself with The Addams Family and The Munsters. I was always wondering where Eddie was when watching these movies. Now as a grown up I know better, but that would still be a pretty cool crossover. The Addams Family Meet The Munsters is something that I am surprised never happened. Maybe it did and I am not aware of it. Both shows started within one week of each other back in 1964. So for over 50 years these two families have been a part of our television and cinematic culture. Do you have a favorite episode from either The Addams Family or The Munsters? Tell me about it below!

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Wild Colors Appear in the Kitchen!

IMG_1184Several months ago my wife Destiny wanted to spruce up our kitchen somehow. With limited funds there wasn’t much she could do in terms of redesigning our kitchen. But she had an idea about painting some of our cabinets to make them stand out in some way. She talked to me about it briefly and I was okay with whatever she had in mind. So I went off to work and went about my day. When I came home that afternoon I walked into something really cool. Destiny had taken some chalk board paint and painted the fronts of a few cabinets. I wasn’t sure about it until I got out some chalk and wrote a few things on them. I was sold, but I still felt like something was missing and I wasn’t sure what it was.

IMG_1189Fast forward several months later when ChalkOla contacted me asking if I would like to try out their chalk markers. They sent me two packages of chalk markers. They sent over their standard pack of 10 neon 6mm neon chalk markers as well as their new line of 15mm chalk markers. The markers arrived super fast and I got them opened and started shaking. I was shaking because that’s what you have to do with these types of markers. Because of their high density of chalk ink, they take about 2-3 minutes before you can start using them. This is important to remember so you do not start cursing when there is no color coming out of a freshly opened marker. I would also recommend testing out the marker on a small area before going all out with them. The chalk pens need to be used on a non porous surface, such as a chalk board, white board, glass, etc. And they can easily be cleaned up with a wet cloth or wet wipe.

IMG_1237Once the markers were ready I started getting to work on updating our lists on the cabinets. Immediately I was astounded at how bright the chalk marker color popped against the black background of the chalkboard paint. Amazed with how it looked I kept going. By the time I was done I had really made our cabinets look great with a few lists of things we need, our favorite family motto, and of course a list of those that are in our family. These don’t necessarily have to be used just at home either. An art professional, teacher, or restaurant owner and many other professions could use these at their job. They are great quality and work just as expected. The new 15mm chalk markers are said to last even longer than the 6mm. I do not have any data that proves that claim but being significantly bigger than the 6mm chalk pens, I would say they probably will last a good while.

So if you have a cool project or a chalkboard, window, or whiteboard that needs some easily cleanable color, then definitely check out these awesome chalk markers from ChalkOla!

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13 Nights of Halloween – Monster Squad

QlXtUutlOur 13 Nights of Halloween continues tonight with the Monster Squad. This 1987 classic features a group of kids that have to come together to take on some of the most terrifying monsters ever, Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, the Mummy, and Gill Man. This movie is exciting and a refreshing step away from some of the sillier movies we have been watching these last few days.

I had always thought a sequel to this movie would probably be a good idea. I’m sure Hollywood could get back the majority of the original cast. How great would it be to see the Monster Squad reunited almost 30 years later to take on these terrors once again. I almost would rather see a sequel to this movie over the Goonies. I might get some flack for this and I know these two can be compared a lot and Goonies probably is arguably the better movie, but for a sequel, I’d rather watch The Monster Squad get more action over The Goonies.

My favorite “monster” from the movie was always Frankenstein. He seemed so scary but was very nice, which made him a lovable character. There are also some great one-liners in this movie that I will always carry with me in my terrible joke bag. Such great lines such as “Wolf man has nards!”. In case you are too young or too old to know what nards are, just watch the movie and find out for yourself. It’s a classic that definitely deserves some love during the Halloween season.

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13 Nights of Halloween – Ernest Scared Stupid

ernestLast night’s Halloween movie, Halloween is Grinch Night was somewhat of a bust yet again. I guess they just don’t like the classics. So tonight I am going to break out something extra special, Ernest Scared Stupid.

This is one of my favorite Halloween movies. I remember watching it all of the time at my grandma’s with my cousins when we were little. We wouldn’t just watch it on Halloween, we watched it year round. Ernest is one of those guys that just cracks me up. Ernest Goes to Camp is another one of Jim Varney’s classics, and a definite must see.

So wish me luck on hopefully a successful night of another Halloween movie. I picked up some yummy pop-corn and a few other treats, so maybe if I bribe the kids to sit and watch they will enjoy it. The parent in me knows though that once they get hyped up they will be all over the place.

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