13 Nights of Halloween – ParaNorman

paranormanSo far our Williams family 13 Nights of Halloween has been mostly a success. These last few movies have kept the attention of at least one of my children each night. Tonight’s movie is the incredibly talented ParaNorman. I am excited to watch this one with the family since it is a pretty creepy animated film.

Now that Halloween is only a few days away we have been trying to figure out costumes. Alex was easy. He is going to be a little elephant. I figure since he stampedes through the house he might as well terrorize the neighborhood for an hour. Abby is your typical five year old with a million different ideas on what she wants to be. We still need to get her to finalize her decision before it’s too late and she gets to be a simple ghost.

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13 Nights of Halloween – Monster House

Monster-House-01-1Our 13 Nights of Halloween continues tonight with a movie that I admit have not seen until just a few years ago, Monster House. I knew about it but just never was really interested in seeing it. I was a fool to think that. This moving came out in 2006 and I just seen it probably two years ago. The animation in this movie is epic and the story is even better. It is also one of the only animated movies that I’ve seen that is actually pretty creepy. What do you think? Is the movie pretty creepy? Comment below!

“My awesome kite!”

Houses can be pretty creepy and Monster House definitely takes the lead in terms of horrible houses. Do you know of any creepy haunted houses in your area? Do you need to call in the Ghostbusters? Maybe you don’t need to call them but you can connect and follow St. Louis Dad on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

My Dogs Are Terrible at Fetch

chewy.comThe always great Chewy.com sent over what I thought would be an excellent product to review with the dogs. They sent over a large West Paw Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee Peacock Dog Toy. The quality of this Frisbee is amazing. It is very durable, made for doggies to easily catch with their mouths and bring back to their owner for another toss out into the air.

IMG_0797Yeah, well, that’s how I imagined it would work. For starters there is absolutely nothing wrong with the frisbee itself. Like I said it is very durable and quality made, but there is definitely something wrong with my dogs. Remember how I said they can easily catch this with their mouths? Well with Clark is basically bounces off his head and with Miss Lady she just watches as you throw it and then have to retrieve it yourself. I guess my dogs just are not fetchers. I’ve tried many different times, on different days, with different techniques but I swear my dogs think I have something up my sleeve whenever I toss out the Frisbee for them to catch.

What they are good at is playing tug-o-war with the Frisbee. So at least we got that going for them. It makes a pretty good toy in that regard, however I didn’t really want them chewing it up. I have a feeling that I will need to work more and more with them to get them to start actually catching the Frisbee and bring it back.

Like I said the Frisbee is of great quality, and if you know your dogs better than I know my own then it would be a great toy for them if they are into playing fetch. I had always wanted a dog that would fetch, and my previous dog Brooke was a master at it. She would fetch whatever you threw out for her to grab. She would’ve loved this toy, but Clark and Miss Lady just do not seem interested in participating in the fun.

IMG_0839Being a parent sometimes you try out goofy things with your kids… Since I couldn’t get the dogs to fetch the Frisbee for me, I tried it out on the kids and low and behold, it worked! At first Abby would run out and grab the Frisbee and bring it back for me to just throw again and she got annoyed at that. But once it became a race between her and my son Alex to see who could get it first that is when the fun began. So yes, I am the parent who plays fetch with my kids. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there. I’d like to thank Chewy for sending out this awesome Zogoflex Frisbee and as much as I wish the dogs were into it, they just weren’t. I have plenty of family with doggies, so I will try to see if one of them may like to fetch more than Clark and Miss Lady, but for now I will just use it to tire my kids out.

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13 Nights of Halloween – Hocus Pocus

HocusPocusWith last nights success of The Addams Family marathon tonight I think we will be enjoying another 90’s Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus. This is a family favorite and one that will surely stand the test of time. There have been some rumors about a sequel, which in my opinion would be great to see what the Sanderson sisters have been up to over the years.

Tonight we will also be carving our pumpkins that we picked up from the pumpkin patch yesterday. It should be a lot of fun. We’ve already carved several pumpkins this Halloween season already, so it should be easy to knock out something pretty spooky for Halloween this Saturday. Have you carved up any pumpkins yet? I’d love to see some pictures. Be sure to share your latest creations below or connect with me on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!